Tips to play online trouble games

Tips to play online trouble games

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The tank trouble game is the maze party game which will play by more than two players at the time of party. The main Moto of the game is to destroy the tanks in the fields at the short period of time. If you destroy the opposite players you get the points. The tanks will shoots the walls that will half bounce. In this tank you have the six different types of weapons . They are working with different types and useful in the emergency mode. In these games there are several types of versions. The official site will develop the primary stage. Some other persons create the tank trouble and the demo game for the new players. If  you are play these games for a long and you will learn something in these games . If you well played this game means there is an championship award also they given. If you will be well known person in this games not bother about this or other wise I will give some tips to play these games.


The other person tank is destroyed and at meanwhile there is bullet flying around you. So avoid these types of inconvenience. The movements made by you is very important. Be careful that your movement are very sharply at the same time accurately. For these safe movement hold  your forward button and turn in the corners as smoothly. If you bump in the wall side it will make you as slow . so avoid these types of movements. The movement will be an tricky. Make fake movements or turns and use sudden stops and unexpects hits to the opponent party. If you well trained means use the hit at the corners . It will helps you in unwanted hits. The bullet is very fast , so don’t waste it or misuse it.


If you have the last bullet , your opponent also in the same condition then just made them to tuff movement. All power ups in this game are your friend only. They are good to  you. Too maintain the distance among your opponent the power ups will help you. Among the five bullets you don’t fire at the same place . It leads you as an dangerous one. So choose the aim in the different position and also in the different angles which will according to your chance only. The different place will help you to hit the target as soon as possible. Chasing the opponent is very bad. Because in the mean while he chasing you , that will tends to a bad end. Firing in the perpendicular walls are not advisable one , because sometimes it will turn around you.

Unwanted activities:

Don’t be just press the arrow keys to play this tank trouble game. Just make an involvement in this and get the relaxation to  your mind and also have the fun. Correct your mistakes and learn something at each day while playing these games implement that technique in the next day , that leads to you good score.

Have a fun on playing these games.

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