The Benefits of an HDTV That You Need to Know

The Benefits of an HDTV That You Need to Know

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High Definition has become the standard format for most people to view television, but if you are on of the few consumers who have not yet made the switch to an HD television then you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. With that in mind, check out this list of some of the key benefits of choosing an HD television.

Higher Resolution For A Clearer Picture

Perhaps the most important benefit that is associated with HDTV is its higher resolution, which results in a much clearer picture. Our eyes have approximately 130 million light detecting cells which means that a person with perfect vision has a ‘130 megapixels’ view if we put it into technological language. That is why our eyes see things clearly and in great detail. Television screens are not capable of that same level of clarity which is why a television picture is not as clear or as detailed as what you can see with your naked eye.

In order to explain this we need to take a look at the number of pixels on the screen. A standard definition picture is 701 x 480 pixels which equates to 0.33 megapixels! As you can see this is very poor in comparison to what we see with out own eyes. However, with a HD TV picture, you are getting more pixels. The standard for Full HD is 1920 x 1080 which is about 2.5 megapixels. It is still nowhere close to our eyes, but it is leaps and bounds better than standard definition! As technology continues to advance we are starting to see even higher resolutions from 4K and UltraHD which continues improve picture quality.


To put all of this in the most simple of terms, more pixels means that the picture is sharper and which gives us a much better viewing experience.

Additional Benefits of HDTV

While the higher resolution is the most desirable feature of HDTV it is not the only one. Some of the other benefits include the following:

  • Richer Colors – The higher resolution does not only improve picture quality in terms of clarity. It also also for much richer colours and better contrast between shades. This allows for subtle shading and greater detail.
  • Compatible With Audio Technology – With improved picture quality comes a demand for improved audio as well. Old fashioned television sets had only a single speaker, but the latest HD TV models have more sophisticated speaker systems for a richer sound. Modern HD televisions are also compatible with the various home entertainment surround sound systems that are available to further improve the sound quality.
  • Blu-Ray Ready – HD DVD may never really have caught on, but Blu-Ray certainly did and they are quickly becoming the preferred format for home entertainment. In order to get the best from your Blu-Ray discs you are also going to need an HD screen!
  • Sleek Lightweight Designs – Now that television technology has been streamlined, you will find that HD TV sets are much sleeker and more lightweight. You will see much thinner frames using lightweight materials. Now that televisions are flat, they can be wall mounted which can be very convenient.
  • HD Channels & Programming – In the early days of HD, there was only very limited high definition programming being put out, but these days you will find dedicated HD channels and even exclusive programming. You will likely need to contact DIRECT TV customer support or whichever tv provider you use in order to arrange access to these HD channels.
  • Sync Your TV With Other Devices – The latest models of HD TV sets, especially Smart TVs, can actually be synced with other devices such as tablets and smartphones allowing you to stream content from your mobile device.

These are some of the benefits that come with choosing to upgrade to a HD TV. You will improve your viewing experience thanks to improved picture quality and richer sound. You can also take advantage of all of the HD programming that is available. Although even higher resolutions are now emerging it will be some time before these become the norm, so HD will be the reigning television format for the foreseeable future.

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