Technology Helps Students Learn Faster and Better

Technology Helps Students Learn Faster and Better

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Technology has changed the face of education and continues to do so as the 21st-century students are more interested in technology. The conventional methods of teaching are fading and the new methods of educational technology learning are showing drastic results. With the corporate world becoming more and more competitive as the years pass, the students require more than just book-learning to be the best. Indeed as statistics show, technology help students to learn faster and better. Here are some methods in which technology helps the students in faster and better learning through modern day technology.

Educational Games: Students love to play games and competing with their friends. This helps to develop interest, curiosity to learn more and competition to be the best. Hence games have been developed to engage the students more with technology towards education. Educational Games are fun and challenging experiences. Games like Quizzo that is available on the Byju’s Tablet, help the students to compete with their friends and other students around the world by attempting questions based on their syllabus knowledge, calculating scores for their answers along with national ranking.

Virtual Reality Learning: As there is no better understanding of a concept than experiencing it first hand, the Virtual Reality Learning helps to fulfil this criterion. With the help of the VR technology, the students can visit historical places, explore the human body, experience events which will help the students to have a better understanding of the concept rather than reading it from their Ncert Books.  The VR helps subjects like biology that are complex to be more simple for the students and interesting for the students who dislike the subject.

Video Learning: With the concept of video learning that has been adopted to make students visualize and help them have a better understanding of the concepts when compared to the conventional methods of learning. Students develop an interest for video learning as it acts like a movie to gain interest, making concepts easier and helping the students to recollect the concept for a longer period of time. Video Learning also helps complex topics to be understood in a much shorter time. Institutes like Byju’s have adopted the concept of video learning in their tablet learning programme which helps the students to watch videos and understand the concepts clearly, making the videos accessible anytime and anywhere. The concept of video learning also enables the student to replay the video if the topic is not fully understood unlike the traditional classroom method of learning that is adopted in most CBSE schools.

Indeed we see technology changing the method of learning and helping students to fall in love with learning by making learning faster and better. Education has become an exciting, enjoyable and fun loving experience with the help of the revolution in technology.

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Reuben Thomas Alex enjoys inspiring others through his writing and blogging. After his engineering, he has chosen to work with many students and to explore the opportunities of creating a better future in the field of digital education. He has been able to motivate many with his passion towards education in Byju’s-the Learning App.

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