Enhance Your Knowledge about Ipads – Before Buying One

Enhance Your Knowledge about Ipads – Before Buying One

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The launch of the Apple’s iPad has gathered much attention. People from all over the world want to purchase the latest iPad as soon as it releases. However, there are some questions that most of the people have in mind before buying an iPad. Since iOS is entirely different software, it is important to know about it completely. Here are the things that one must know before buying an iPad.

Laptops vs. iPads

IPads are quite different from the regular laptops. While the laptops are meant to be placed on one’s laps, the iPad is more like slate. A person can hold it in his/her hands and use it. One can type using the keys on a laptop whereas iPads are fully touch screen.

EBook readers vs. iPads

While various eBook readers offer a black and white display, iPads have a coloured display. EBook readers do not provide their users with so many other features as iPad does. IPads allows it’s user to read horizontally as well.

The iPad has two internal speakers reproducing left and right channel audio located on the bottom-right of the unit. In the original iPad, the speakers push sound through two small sealed channels leading to the three audio ports carved into the device, while the iPad  has its speakers behind a single grill. A volume switch is on the right side of the unit. The display responds to other sensors: an ambient light sensor to adjust screen brightness.

Other things to know

One must know various other things before purchasing an iPad. Some of them are listed below –

  • One should know that iOS is different software and hence Microsoft office is not functional on iPads. However, iWorks can be called a substitute to Microsoft office.
  • It is important to know that one cannot print documents directly from an iPad.
  • Apple does not provide a warranty that covers vast damages. The warranty includes the general repairing of small issues such as buttons replacements or repairing screen damage.
  • IPads also allows its user to use the slideshow feature for the presentations. However, a user can only attach an iPad to the projector with the help of a special adapter provided by Apple.
  • A user cannot download the pictures from their camera to their iPad.

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